Gerrit Rietveld




  Born in Utrecht, the son of a cabinetmaker, Gerr Thomas Rietveld worked in his father’s workshop from the age of eleven. In 1911, he became a independent  cabinetmaker and began studyinarchitectural drawing at classes held by P. J Klaarhamer. He designed the prototype of the “Red Blue” chair 1917-1918 and in 1919 becam one of he first members of the De Stijl movement His celebrated chair design was first published i De Stijl magazine and in 1923 it was included ian exhibition at the Bauhaus. During 1920, hi most important architectural commission was the Schröder House (1924). In 1927, he designe experimental fibreboard and plywood furniture which was subsequently manufactured by Metz & Co, Amsterdam. During the depression, in respon se to the need for low-cost products, Rietveld des gned a range of furniture constructed wit packing-crate components. In 1942 he designed stamped aluminium chair and in 1957 produced series of bent metal chairs. However, for his fina designs, the “Steltman” chair of 1963, he turne back to solid wood elements and geometric for malism.

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